Denny (kazeldya8) wrote in childcaregivers,

baby-sitting rates

For those of you who do some baby-sitting, how do you determine your rates? I am a nanny and also do evening and weekend abby-sitting, and I find a huge range of rates people are willing to pay. I have over 15 years of experience, having taken CPR and first aid classes as well as classes in child development and education, and taught in preschools for about 4 years, so it's not like I'm a 15-year-old with no experience. I feel like I should charge significantly more than I did in 2001, the year I started college, but many people pay exactly that amount or just a little more. Yesterday, I sat for 8 hours for 3 kids under 4, none of whom are particularly verbal, and two of three are in diapers. The sitting took place in a two-bedroom apartment with two trips to a volleyball sand area nearby (luckily it was unseasonably warm again). The mom of two of the kids had mentioned that another kid would be there and that both families would contribute to my pay. At the end of the day (keep in mind that this is about bedtime, so I've had two kids awake the whole time, and one slept for a little over an hour), they asked how much they owed me, and I said that $15-18/hour is the going rate for 3 kids. For 3 older kids, I wouldn't have expected as much necessarily, but this was a very hands-on job. They didn't even consider the higher end of this and balked at the idea of $15, but I did stand my ground, and they did pay roughly $15/hour, but the mom made some comment about it being a good day for me when I make over $100 - with a day that long, I definitely expect at least $100. Some of the other experienced sitters I know around here charge $12 for one kid and $15 for two, but I feel that a lot of people won't want to pay that. How do I make it clear that I am educated and have many years of experience and that it's worth it to pay a bit more? Do many of the preschool teachers here also baby-sit?
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