Denny (kazeldya8) wrote in childcaregivers,

how to gently (maybe) drop a family

I am a nanny, and I also do a lot of occasional (and regular) side baby-sitting. I have been sitting for one family fairly regularly on Saturday mornings from 9-1, but it's only been about 3 months, so it's not like I know them *that* well. I interviewed for a position with another family that needs someone 4 hours each weekend day, and they pay better. The new family pays 120-150% what the old family pays. Plus the new family has 2 girls, and I feel more comfortable around girls. The old family has 2 boys, a 25-month-old and an 8-week-old. The new family has two girls, a 2.5 year old and and a 9-month-old. I enjoy baby-sitting for the old family, though certainly not as much as some families I've known over the years.

The mom for the new family said that she was interviewing 4 people for this position, so it's certainly possible that I won't be the one she hires. However, if she does, I'm unsure what to say to the other mom. I don't want to completely lose them as a client. But then again, we don't have any contract - I just sit for them when they need me (typically Saturdays 9am-1pm, and sometimes Sundays in the same time period), but it's roughly 3-4 times per month, whereas the new family needs a sitter ~6-8 times per month. The old family and new family live 2 blocks away from each other, which is odd because I met both online, and their neighborhood is 35 minutes from my house.

So anyway, it's pretty likely I'll run into someone from the 1st family at the park that is between their houses. If I am offered the position, how can I drop the 1st family without too many hard feelings? There's a good possibility I will run into them at the park at some point. At one point, I was considering another job that was Sunday mornings at 110% what the first family pays (I didn't take it because of feeling uncomfortable there, long unrelated story...), and I mentioned it to the mom for the 1st family in case she wanted to reserve me for that time period. She said that she didn't need someone as often on Sundays as on Saturdays and that they'd only pay what they've been paying for the time period (though they pay what I was paid 10 years ago, and I'm pretty sure they can afford to pay more). So I didn't think they'd pay more if I mentioned the other family, but I'd like to drop them without it seeming like it's their issue - that is, explain that the main reason I'm changing is # of hours and pay. Anyway, this was too long, but who has an idea what I can/should say to her? Normally, I'd try to get another sitter, but I'm not sure who to ask right now... maybe I can send this out as an e-mail to friends who may be interested too.
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