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Curriculum Planning

Hi, I've been in the early childhood industry for 13 yrs now. From Jan 2010, I'll be promoted to head the curriculum department for all of our 9 centres. 

The choices of curriculum are quite limiting in my country. In terms of the early childhood industry, we're behind the west, though we've made substantial progress in the past few years. 

I'm very new to curriculum planning. I would like to know your opinion on curriculum. Which curriculum model (ie. carolina curriculum, jump start, etc) do you think is really great in terms of development & your experience in using it.  

Thanks in advance! 
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This as well. Although we use it loosely, the teachers are allowed to supplement with whatever materials they like. I love the flexibility - our center gives us themes to pick from for the month (for example, September we could choose from: About Me, My Family, Manners, Apples, Fall Leaves, Autumn (you get the idea) and we could choose how long we spent on whatever we chose. I was on maternity leave this year, but last year, my kids were really into the leaves changing, so we spent two weeks on "About Me" a week on Families, and then two weeks on leaves. The teacher in the next room did a week each on some of the same topics, a couple different ones.

I like Creative Cirriculum because it addresses many different subjects. Each subject also has suggested songs, books, science projects, art projects, math ideas, etc.
We use High/Scope curriculum. It is really nice in terms of development. Currently it suggests using the COR (Child observational records)anecdotal recoding system with the curriculum. So each week you take anecdotal records that is divided into specific key experiences like music and movement: moving with the beat, for each child and then plan the environment and lessons around where the children are at developmentally.

It works pretty well, it's fairly practical. We use the notes to help us with parent teacher conferences later.
As a suggestion, do some research into Emergent Curriculum and the Reggio Emilia approach.
They're not so much distinct formulaic curriculum, as a system of thought when approaching programming and developmental tracking for children in care environments. Your practise will seriously benefit from the ideas it opens ;)