Katarzhenya Ivanova (katarzhenya) wrote in childcaregivers,
Katarzhenya Ivanova

Hello! I'm new to this community ^^ I travel to my boss' home to watch her two kids, a five month old preemie and a 3 year old. While stressful at times, it's the best job I've ever had. Now, I have been around kids my whole life, but usually these kids were related to me and I wasn't left alone with them. I've been watching the kids since October, and this month the parents seperated. The kids stay with their mom for one week, dad the next. The 3 year old isn't handling it very well, and I think she's taking it out on me and her mother.

Example would be when it's time to change her pull-up. I ask her if she wants help, and she says no. I tell her then she needs to go into the bathroom and change it; she immediately goes into a crying fit and collapses on the floor, repeating 'I don't want to'. I've tried telling her that she'll get "ouchies on her bottom", that she'll feel better after she changes, etc. When her mother does it, she simply drags the child into the bathroom and says 'do you want a time out?' and such. I'm not comfortable threatening the child, as I am not the mother. Any tips to make bathroom-time easier?

The child also kicks me at naptime. My boss is on bedrest right now due to a risky pregnancy, so she's in a closed room most of the time. I tell the child it's naptime, and a fit ensues. I have been kicked, screamed at, had plastic toys chucked in my direction... I don't know how to handle the child and was wondering if you guys could help me out? How can I make life a little easier for her, so she'll stop having these meltdowns? She was so happy before the move and it's so sad to see her this way.

Sorry for the long post!
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