Mrs. Vance (goddessastra) wrote in childcaregivers,
Mrs. Vance

Nothing works!

Remember the girl i ranted about in the last post?

I have been trying everything to get this kid to enjoy reading...i even turned it into fun bingo and points games!!

It worked for a little bit but ONLY if she got to read lion king...which is fine in i tell her she can read lion king and then we read another story...she agrees...but the moment we read anther story..she forgets the agreement and refuses to read......or she gets into her fuss when things don't go her way

Today...she is being extra insolent and wont start her homework...and she always has to call her parents when she doesn't agree with my rules...

I am at ropes end...time to get serious on her and show her who is boss??? Say what i mean and mean what i say...i told her that if she doesn't want to do the two options (reading or spelling) she can go sit in a time out. But she didn't like that and called her dad (every time she doesn't agree with my rules!!! Ugh)

another thing i have noticed that...her behavior is sometimes linked to having a bad day. instead of talking it out and discussing feelings and whats wrong...she lashes out and refuses to talk to ME about whats wrong...she feels better if she talks to a parent...but until then she just "lashes out" with her not listening skills and stuff. It's apparent that something is wrong and causing her to act out but she won't discuss it with me!
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