Diana Suzanne (suzabelle7) wrote in childcaregivers,
Diana Suzanne

naptime tantrums

Someone please tell me I'm not doing irreparable psychological harm to this toddler...

T is 2.  She's prone to tantrums, more so than a lot of other 2-year-olds, we suspect because while she comes from a very loving home, it's not the most stable, it doesn't sound like she has a very set schedule, and her teenaged aunt and uncle possibly don't know better than to give in to tantrums.  So T throws her fits when she doesn't get her way, we ignore them, and she's over it very quickly.

T doesn't like naptime.  But whatever, she's tired, she Needs To Nap.  So I lay her on her mat, and she rolls away.  I lay her back on her mat, she rolls away.  I would just leave her where she rolls to, except for then she starts kicking whatever wall or crib she's rolled into.  So I put her back on her mat, I pat her back and play with her hair, and when she trys to roll away, I don't let her.  She screams and cries this whole time, to the point that I worry she'll make herself sick, and then she falls asleep.

I HATE this!  I feel like some day, she's going to be on a therapist's couch, traumatized by some childhood event that she can't even remember
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