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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013
8:11 pm - help!!!

i keep thumbing through my resources and what i learned in school but nothing! apparently, we didn't have a lesson/chapter on "quick eating" despite the tons of lectures and chapters on discipline and guidance

i nanny for 3 girls...8, 10, and 4. the 4 year old is my patience tester...and here is one of the big things i am having issues with: Meal time! let me explain

when it comes time for dinner, 75% of the time...iclick to read more about how this child cannot seem to be a speedy eater...and what to do...or is this normal..or what?!Collapse )

does ANYONE have any advice for how to resolve this!? i mean...on one hand...i want her to eat a decent dinner...and i know she can eat...i've seen her eat quickly at lunch...but it's DINNER that i have issues with! do i set a time limit for eating...and if she doesn't finish in that alloted time...take away her dinner and get her to bed? i know it won't hurt the child if i send her to bed one or two nights still hungry...but..i dunno.

i am just losing my patience at dinner.
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Monday, March 5th, 2012
6:51 pm

The three year old used the potty today!! <3 I'm so proud of her.
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Thursday, February 16th, 2012
6:39 pm

I used to work at a preschool, but now I nanny an 18-month old. I love children, but I sometimes have a very hard time focusing. At preschool during free play, this wasn't that big of a problem, because I could just move to a different center or play with different children and walk around. I've been struggling to stay focused and "in the moment" with this child, and it makes me feel very guilt.

The child isn't verbal and isn't supposed to be overstimulated with new things (so I can't just keep bringing new things in or crafts) because he came from an international orphanage recently and is still adjusting to his new environment.

How can I get myself to be at 100% and not feel bored too quickly?
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Tuesday, February 7th, 2012
9:04 pm

How does one deal with getting overly attached to the children?
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Friday, January 13th, 2012
1:19 am

Hello! I'm new to this community ^^ I travel to my boss' home to watch her two kids, a five month old preemie and a 3 year old. While stressful at times, it's the best job I've ever had. Now, I have been around kids my whole life, but usually these kids were related to me and I wasn't left alone with them. I've been watching the kids since October, and this month the parents seperated. The kids stay with their mom for one week, dad the next. The 3 year old isn't handling it very well, and I think she's taking it out on me and her mother.

Example would be when it's time to change her pull-up. I ask her if she wants help, and she says no. I tell her then she needs to go into the bathroom and change it; she immediately goes into a crying fit and collapses on the floor, repeating 'I don't want to'. I've tried telling her that she'll get "ouchies on her bottom", that she'll feel better after she changes, etc. When her mother does it, she simply drags the child into the bathroom and says 'do you want a time out?' and such. I'm not comfortable threatening the child, as I am not the mother. Any tips to make bathroom-time easier?

The child also kicks me at naptime. My boss is on bedrest right now due to a risky pregnancy, so she's in a closed room most of the time. I tell the child it's naptime, and a fit ensues. I have been kicked, screamed at, had plastic toys chucked in my direction... I don't know how to handle the child and was wondering if you guys could help me out? How can I make life a little easier for her, so she'll stop having these meltdowns? She was so happy before the move and it's so sad to see her this way.

Sorry for the long post!
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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011
4:51 pm - Nothing works!

Remember the girl i ranted about in the last post?

I have been trying everything to get this kid to enjoy reading...i even turned it into fun bingo and points games!!

It worked for a little bit but ONLY if she got to read lion king...which is fine in moderation...so i tell her she can read lion king and then we read another story...she agrees...but the moment we read anther story..she forgets the agreement and refuses to read......or she gets into her fuss when things don't go her way

Today...she is being extra insolent and wont start her homework...and she always has to call her parents when she doesn't agree with my rules...

I am at ropes end...time to get serious on her and show her who is boss??? Say what i mean and mean what i say...i told her that if she doesn't want to do the two options (reading or spelling) she can go sit in a time out. But she didn't like that and called her dad (every time she doesn't agree with my rules!!! Ugh)

another thing i have noticed that...her behavior is sometimes linked to having a bad day. instead of talking it out and discussing feelings and whats wrong...she lashes out and refuses to talk to ME about whats wrong...she feels better if she talks to a parent...but until then she just "lashes out" with her not listening skills and stuff. It's apparent that something is wrong and causing her to act out but she won't discuss it with me!
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Sunday, November 27th, 2011
10:52 am - baby-sitting rates

For those of you who do some baby-sitting, how do you determine your rates? I am a nanny and also do evening and weekend abby-sitting, and I find a huge range of rates people are willing to pay. I have over 15 years of experience, having taken CPR and first aid classes as well as classes in child development and education, and taught in preschools for about 4 years, so it's not like I'm a 15-year-old with no experience. I feel like I should charge significantly more than I did in 2001, the year I started college, but many people pay exactly that amount or just a little more. Yesterday, I sat for 8 hours for 3 kids under 4, none of whom are particularly verbal, and two of three are in diapers. The sitting took place in a two-bedroom apartment with two trips to a volleyball sand area nearby (luckily it was unseasonably warm again). The mom of two of the kids had mentioned that another kid would be there and that both families would contribute to my pay. At the end of the day (keep in mind that this is about bedtime, so I've had two kids awake the whole time, and one slept for a little over an hour), they asked how much they owed me, and I said that $15-18/hour is the going rate for 3 kids. For 3 older kids, I wouldn't have expected as much necessarily, but this was a very hands-on job. They didn't even consider the higher end of this and balked at the idea of $15, but I did stand my ground, and they did pay roughly $15/hour, but the mom made some comment about it being a good day for me when I make over $100 - with a day that long, I definitely expect at least $100. Some of the other experienced sitters I know around here charge $12 for one kid and $15 for two, but I feel that a lot of people won't want to pay that. How do I make it clear that I am educated and have many years of experience and that it's worth it to pay a bit more? Do many of the preschool teachers here also baby-sit?
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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011
9:56 pm - French preschool activities


I've recently been asked by my centre to provide a French program for 30 minutes once a week to our preschool children. I have absolutely NO idea where to start or what this program should look like, so I come to you for ideas.

If you were going to implement a language program with preschoolers, what would it look like? Any and ALL ideas are appreciated!!

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Saturday, June 18th, 2011
7:52 pm

Does anyone have any good recommendations for the best places to order furniture and supplies? Reasonably priced but also good quality. Not the most expensive, but not cheap or poor quality either.

Here are some that I've found so far:


Also, I was a litle confused about catalogs. Is all ordering done online? The only website that had anything about ordering a catalog was the last one, and you had to pay for the catalog. Are there any places you can get the ordering catalogs for free?
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Sunday, June 12th, 2011
9:37 pm - how to gently (maybe) drop a family

I am a nanny, and I also do a lot of occasional (and regular) side baby-sitting. I have been sitting for one family fairly regularly on Saturday mornings from 9-1, but it's only been about 3 months, so it's not like I know them *that* well. I interviewed for a position with another family that needs someone 4 hours each weekend day, and they pay better. The new family pays 120-150% what the old family pays. Plus the new family has 2 girls, and I feel more comfortable around girls. The old family has 2 boys, a 25-month-old and an 8-week-old. The new family has two girls, a 2.5 year old and and a 9-month-old. I enjoy baby-sitting for the old family, though certainly not as much as some families I've known over the years.

The mom for the new family said that she was interviewing 4 people for this position, so it's certainly possible that I won't be the one she hires. However, if she does, I'm unsure what to say to the other mom. I don't want to completely lose them as a client. But then again, we don't have any contract - I just sit for them when they need me (typically Saturdays 9am-1pm, and sometimes Sundays in the same time period), but it's roughly 3-4 times per month, whereas the new family needs a sitter ~6-8 times per month. The old family and new family live 2 blocks away from each other, which is odd because I met both online, and their neighborhood is 35 minutes from my house.

So anyway, it's pretty likely I'll run into someone from the 1st family at the park that is between their houses. If I am offered the position, how can I drop the 1st family without too many hard feelings? There's a good possibility I will run into them at the park at some point. At one point, I was considering another job that was Sunday mornings at 110% what the first family pays (I didn't take it because of feeling uncomfortable there, long unrelated story...), and I mentioned it to the mom for the 1st family in case she wanted to reserve me for that time period. She said that she didn't need someone as often on Sundays as on Saturdays and that they'd only pay what they've been paying for the time period (though they pay what I was paid 10 years ago, and I'm pretty sure they can afford to pay more). So I didn't think they'd pay more if I mentioned the other family, but I'd like to drop them without it seeming like it's their issue - that is, explain that the main reason I'm changing is # of hours and pay. Anyway, this was too long, but who has an idea what I can/should say to her? Normally, I'd try to get another sitter, but I'm not sure who to ask right now... maybe I can send this out as an e-mail to friends who may be interested too.
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Tuesday, February 15th, 2011
6:36 pm

Say your almost 3 year old child is in daycare.  When you pick up, you ask for a sippy cup of milk, so that your 15 minute car ride home is 'easy'.  Do you feel this is a reasonable request?  What if it were everyday?  What if you never brought the cup back? 

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Saturday, November 6th, 2010
9:08 pm - A BEKA Curriculum Help

Good evening! I just joined and was hoping to get a bit of help. I have a class of 8 full-time and 3 part-time 2.5yr olds. My center uses the A BEKA curriculum and this week we will be on the letter "G". Normally, we have a listed activity to introduce the letter and its corresponding animal but for some reason they didn't do anything with "G". I was wondering if anybody else works/worked with this curriculum and what you did (if anything) on this?
TIA :)
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Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
3:16 pm - Collaborating with Parents - follow-up to UNESCO Conference on early childhood care and education

Dear community members,

Our portal on Russian psychology www.PsyJournals.ru publishes a number of free-access materials following UNESCO World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education

Report from the Special Event "Collaborating with Parents in Early Childhood Care and Education".
This article summarizes the reports from the Special Event "Collaborating with Parents in Early Childhood Care and Education" at the UNESCO I World Conference on Early Childhood Care and Education, including Power Point presentations. The event seeks to promote global exchange of good practices in parents collaborating in ECCE. it deals with the experience of parenting education and psychological counseling in the UK and Russia.

"Listening to Parents": Interview with Mary Crowley, the head of "Federation for Parenting Education" in the UK.
Mary Crowley told us about such topical problems of parents education as involving parents, especially fathers; professional preparation of specialists working with parents; helping problem families. It provides the food for thought and professional reflection as well as unique sense of humor and warmth of quite informal conversation.
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Wednesday, October 6th, 2010
11:29 am - naptime tantrums

Someone please tell me I'm not doing irreparable psychological harm to this toddler...

T is 2.  She's prone to tantrums, more so than a lot of other 2-year-olds, we suspect because while she comes from a very loving home, it's not the most stable, it doesn't sound like she has a very set schedule, and her teenaged aunt and uncle possibly don't know better than to give in to tantrums.  So T throws her fits when she doesn't get her way, we ignore them, and she's over it very quickly.

T doesn't like naptime.  But whatever, she's tired, she Needs To Nap.  So I lay her on her mat, and she rolls away.  I lay her back on her mat, she rolls away.  I would just leave her where she rolls to, except for then she starts kicking whatever wall or crib she's rolled into.  So I put her back on her mat, I pat her back and play with her hair, and when she trys to roll away, I don't let her.  She screams and cries this whole time, to the point that I worry she'll make herself sick, and then she falls asleep.

I HATE this!  I feel like some day, she's going to be on a therapist's couch, traumatized by some childhood event that she can't even remember
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Saturday, March 6th, 2010
1:53 pm - Fake flowers

Does anyone have any fake flowers they'd be willing to send me? My preschool class is doing spring/flower shop and I have none ... I just went to Goodwill and bought all the ones that they had, but that totaled about ... 5. Not enough for a 'flower shop.'

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Sunday, November 8th, 2009
11:56 pm - Weekend/Overnight care

Do you do weekend care or overnight care? How do your rates differ from your normal rates?

Basically someone has approached me about caring for his grandkids in my home from Sunday afternoon through Tuesday morning (taking them to school on Monday and Tuesday) each week. How would you go about figuring out rates for a job like this?

Thanks in advance!

(PS the kids are 5 and 6)
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6:47 pm - Curriculum Planning

Hi, I've been in the early childhood industry for 13 yrs now. From Jan 2010, I'll be promoted to head the curriculum department for all of our 9 centres. 

The choices of curriculum are quite limiting in my country. In terms of the early childhood industry, we're behind the west, though we've made substantial progress in the past few years. 

I'm very new to curriculum planning. I would like to know your opinion on curriculum. Which curriculum model (ie. carolina curriculum, jump start, etc) do you think is really great in terms of development & your experience in using it.  

Thanks in advance! 

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Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009
11:44 am - bulletin boards?

At my school, we're required to decorate a bulletin board each month with one of the units of learning for that month. Obviously, we have to have the kids' artwork on the boards, but it's kind of difficult for me since my kids are all infants. For October, I'm planning on doing something "fall harvest" related. Does anyone have any ideas for art projects to do with infants with a fall theme? Management prefers that the artwork is as child directed as possible, so I'm trying to stay away from ditto sheets and the like, but the babies have limited fine motor skills so I'm kind of stuck. Also, any good bulletin board idea sites you've come across would be great. TIA!
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Saturday, September 12th, 2009
1:20 pm

Does anyone order from Scholastic book clubs? I'm trying to set up my parent online ordering, but since I have toddlers and preschoolers in my daycare, I'm using two different fliers (honeybee and firefly) and I can't get them to show up where parents can order from them!!

If they order online, I get a free book for my classroom! I want books!! :(

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Thursday, August 27th, 2009
11:32 pm - bad parent?

I have a 3 year old in my daycare that is not held responsibile for his actions....he never gets time outs or any other type of punishment at home. He will throw screaming fits until his parents give in. He's about 4 feet tall and weighs 50 lbs and runs into the other kids.

His parents are ticked because after he'd pooped his pants while playing on the playground (which he does everyday, despite our sending him to the bathroom about every 20-30 min) we expect him to help clean himself up. It's not that we don't help if they need it...but part of moving from the toddlers to preschool is learning to try and do for yourself. He still drinks out of a sippy, can't put on crocs, the list goes on and on. At 3, I think they can get their own clean clothes out and get started on changing. Am I expecting too much?

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